Foam Den

A land mark shop in Randburg which was established in 1972 is still providing quality service to the home and commercial industry. Skilled and friendly staff take pride in their craft. We are always willing to offer expert advice and cater to your unique requirements.

Going Green

We have become a society which throws things away too easily including furniture. Your furniture can be restored to the same condition as the day you first purchased it.

There are many advantages to reupholstering your much loved couch. Firstly you are not throwing it on the dump, which adds to the unnecessary waste we are inflicting on our planet.

Secondly, you get to select the fabric you would like on your furniture. With an extensive range of fabrics to choose from, you are able to select fabrics to match your style, budget & durablity.

Visit us today to view fabric samples on offer or click on any of the Fabric houses listed to the right to find your inspiration.